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What is the Greenlight Movement?

Our Mission is to create a world full of balanced, healthy, purpose-driven people who are truly comfortable with themselves and are equipped to positively impact not only their own lives but the lives of those around them.

Have a listen to Dave Bess (Director of Brand) as he walks you through why the world needs the Greenlight Movement:

How We Support Our Studios:

Franchise Initial Training

We have created a comprehensive online manual we call The Greenlight University which will train you on how to run the business systems and provide you with all the resources necessary to operate your studio.



You will work hand-in-hand with our Onboarding Team to complete the New Studio Checklist, during this time you will meet weekly with your Onboarding Team Lead.

Monthly Support Calls

Every month, you will meet with a Greenlight Studio Expert to review metrics, provide feedback and to build out strategies for continued studio growth.

Community Calls

After StartUp, you will have access to our Greenlight Community Calls where we provide continuing support in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Operations and Mentoring.

Why a Greenlight Studio?

More Impact

Create more impact by working with better and fewer clients. You will create amazing relationships and results while still having the flexibility to develop your own training programs.

Less Time

Our tried and true business systems take the guesswork out of opening and operating your studio letting, you leap-frog years of turmoil. Combined with industry-leading support, you are set to regain control of your life.

More Money

The combination of "Layered Personal Training" and "High Ticket Sales" will put you in the fast-lane to profitability and sustained growth without having to spend 40 hours a week on the floor.

We Would LOVE to Talk to You About This Opportunity

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Greenlight Studio Franchise, please submit the form below and a Greenlight Team Member will reach out to book a 20 minute Discovery Call.

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